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It's all about the apples  

ALL hand picked cider varieties from old local orchards

Our Craft
Farmhouse Cider

At average 6% abv [may vary] – as still, natural dry or blended to give required sweetness, we supply these ciders in the following formats.

Character –  naturally fermented, no added sulphites, yeast or sugar. Good level of tannins well matured and balanced acidity. 

  • 50cl bottles
  • Plastic, refillable jerry cans 1,2.5 & 5 ltrs – only available in our shop
  • 3 ltr foil pouch
  • Bag-in-box – 5,10 & 20ltrs

We also supply sparkling ciders in 50cl bottles – current range.

All of our products are packaged in house and hold a 5* hygiene certificate.


Welcome to Loaders Somerset Cider

I’m Paul Loader and I started Loader’s Cider as a hobby in 2015 with my son George and made some very good cider from local unwanted cider apples from old organically managed and often neglected orchards, most of which were planted and supplied the old Taunton Cider co. For a few years, it was a learning curve finding out about the better varieties – we then entered the Bath and West cider competition and won Silver and Bronze in the farmhouse category. Our ciders are of the typical West-Somerset type using higher tannin but slightly lower acid varieties giving the cider a very golden colour and softness on the palate and a good apple taste.

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Traditional Somerset Cider

At Loaders we are always interested in speaking to local sellers and retailers. Contact us today to join our growing team and become one of our trusted local Loaders Cider Retailers.